“From Inspiration to Implementation: Europeanisation Process in Ukraine” is a project launched by scientific NGO “Quadrivium” that seeks to address the notion of Europeanisation by engaging various target groups both from Ukraine and CEECs. We consider our project could answer an increasing need to bring new insights into what could be done to foster Europeanisation process in Ukraine based on the CEECs’ experience.
To this end, we seek to establish a network of experts (from CEECs and Ukraine) familiarised with the current debates on Europeanisation who will jointly commit to produce expertise for young researchers, specialists, civil society representatives and decision-makers in the field. We believe our endeavour will reduce disparities in the level of knowledge of the topic and generate new research skills by transferring experience and enhancing cooperation.
By disseminating our findings, we aim at providing new answers to the current debates on the implications of the Europeanisation in Ukraine from a double perspective: theoretical and policy-making. Theoretically, InIm will develop novel methodological skills and foster new understandings of the latest challenges Europeanisation faces in a neighbouring country, not subject to the EU enlargement. From the policy-making perspective, the results of this project will also help policy-makers make informed decisions about which EU-practices are likely to allow them to better achieve their goals.

We are convinced InIm will add to the ongoing debate on the future European perspective of Ukraine at a time marked by increased regional tensions and instability.